What to Expect


Please arrive at least one hour – 45 minutes prior to your departure time. Give yourself enough time to get here because the tide waits for no one.

When you first arrive on site for your Tidal Bore Rafting adventure, you will check in at the lodge. Each member of your group must sign the waiver (guardians will sign for the children under 18) and then payment will be accepted (only cash or credit).

About 10 – 15 minutes prior to departure, staff will suit you up with a life jacket and rain gear (if appropriate). Make sure you are wearing shoes with a backing (old sneakers or aqua shoes are great). Once you are geared up, a staff member will greet the tour group and assign drivers.


This tour starts at low tide and rafters enjoy a calm ride out to the mouth of the river where your driver navigates the shallow waters of the Shubie to our first stop: the mudbanks for the mud sliding part of the tour. Mud sliding is optional. Rafters can choose to take part in the mud sliding and a swim in the River to clean off the mud before getting back into the Zodiacs. 

After mud sliding, the tour continues to the mouth of the Shubenacadie River to wait for the Tidal Bore. As the tide begins to rise the current will increase, the boats will head up river ahead of the advancing tide to a narrow spot to wait for the tidal bore to form (the point where out flowing river water and incoming tide water meet) which can be a swell or breaking wave. The boats will meet this wave head on. When they hit the bore, the boat will rise up on top. How wet the customer gets, is dependent on how large the bore is at the time. After hitting and riding the bore the boat will wait a few minutes for the water to rise enough to cover the sand bars, which take up approximately 80% of the river bed on low tide. Usually Bald Eagles can be observed for these few quiet minutes.Once the bore has passed, it is time to ride the waves that are created by the pressure of the incoming tide on the sand bars. Be ready to get wet and have some fun! Rafters will chase the waves down the river leading right back to home base where the first 2hr trip of the day ends. 


This part of the tour begins shortly after the Tidal Bore has passed our home base location on the River. We will head down stream and jump right into “riding the waves”. Hold on and lean in!

Between each set of rapids eagles nests can be observed and historic areas will be explained (i.e.: Acadian dykelands, North America’s first cantilever bridge, portion of the Shubenacadie Canal, native history, as well as the geological aspects of rock formations and the 200 foot sedimentary cliffs on each side).

After we finish riding the waves, our tour continues down river to our mud sliding location to enjoy some fun in the mud!

After mud sliding, we enjoy a calm ride back to home base all the while enjoying the views along the river and keeping a lookout for eagles and other wildlife.


This trip includes 2A trip plus the 2B trip. 


Rinse off in our rustic outdoor showers before heading home. Don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of clothes. When weather is more chilly we have a heater which will warm everyone up quickly!

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What to Bring:

What to Bring
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We Supply:

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  • – Friendly, knowledgeable guides
  • – All safety gear and equipment
  • – Self-bailing Zodiacs
  • – Coast-Guard approved floatation devices
  • – Rain Gear and Boots
  • – Pre-trip Safety Orientation
  • – Suits for Cool Days
  • – Washrooms, Change Rooms and Outdoor Showers
  • – Accessible, Ample Parking
  • – The ideal location