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Rafting with River Runners: A truly
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Three Tour Options

We offer three tour options here at Shubie River Runners: our full “4 hour” tour and 2 separate half tours which take about 2 hours each. Because we run on the tide schedule, our tour departure times change daily. The full tour and 2 hour Trip A depart at the same time. When the 2 hour Trip A returns to our home base, Tour B begins. All of our tours include mud sliding.
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2 Hour Trip A

Our 2A tour begins during the last hour of low tide. We begin by making our way to the mouth of the river towards Cobequid Bay. While waiting for the tidal bore, there will be a perfect opportunity to stop and go mud sliding and see our famous sandbars that will be submerged by water by the end of our tour. After we meet the tidal bore, we will ride sets of waves. Your guide will describe the phenomenon of these “standing waves” and take you through the sections commonly known as“The Giggles” and “the Killer K”.
2 Hour Trip A at River Runners
Extreme and safe B Tide at River Runners

2 Hour Trip B

Our 2B tour begins after the tidal bore has passed our home base. We will see the beginning of the drastic rise in water level and we will continue to experience it throughout our trip. On this tour, we dive right into the action. Heading down river with the rising tide, we will ride right into the waves, including sections of waves we call “Bridge Rollers” and “The Nose”. When the water level has risen and the waves have settled down, we head over to our most popular mud sliding spot.

4 Hour Trip

Our full tour combines Trip A and Tour B to experience both worlds! We begin during the last hour of low tide and from start to finish, you will be able to experience the drastic change in water levels the incoming tide brings. We begin by making our way to the mouth of the river to meet the tidal bore. Once the tidal bore has passed, we will ride the waves caused by the incoming current, including some we fondly call “The Giggles”, “The Killer K”, and “Eagles Nest”. This tour also offers the opportunity to go mud sliding.
4 Hour Trip at River Runners